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  • Product overview: This type is avialable to suit a range of shaft sizes, from 5 to 30 mm, and adopts different designs / manufacturing processes to provide the optimum selection for many uses. A grease replenishment point is provided in the ball holder.

    • Rod end
    • Category Description : This type is avialable to suit a range of shaft sizes, from 5 to 30 mm, and adopts different designs / manufacturing processes to ......                                                                                                       【Model No.】                                                                                             PHS,POS,SI-TK,SA-TK,NHS,NOS,SQ-RS,SQZ-RS,SQD
    • Spherical plain radial bearings
    • Category Description : These types offer suitability for shafts of 5 to 30 mm diameter in a range of materials to provide the ideal solution.......                      【Model No.】                                                                                             GE..ES,GE..ES-2RS, GEEW..ES, GEG..ES, GEG..ES-2RS, GEBK..S,GE..ET-2RS, GE..C, GEG..C
    • Needle Roller bearing
    • Category Description : This model Cam Follower with a screw driver slot or hexagon socket in the stud head to aid mounting. An all stainless steel ......    【Model No.】                                                                                             KR../KRV,CF..
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