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  • Name: SKR Iron-core Linear Servo Motor
  • 产品编号: 1.11
  • 上架时间: 2019-07-12
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Linear motors are equipped with an iron-core motor, which provides substantial continuous power. The travel is measured via optical or magnetic encoders incrementally or absolutely. The linear motor have a compact design and are available in overall lengths up to 3,255 mm.





•Max. acceleration 50 m/s²

•The acceleration is the load of 2G action,speed is limited by the thrust and velocity characteristics

•Long strokes

•High repeatability ± 0.002mm

•Encoder options: optical or magnetic, incremental or absolute



Model No.  Width Driver type Max Payload(KG) Max speed Max Payload Max Thrust Rated Thrust Use Temperature
mm Coil Specification  Horizontal  mm/s G N N
SKR-12 102 Standard J10-C1 100W 3 5000 2.5 54 18 0~40
Lengthened J10-C2 200W 6 108 36
SKR-14 135 Standard J20-C1 400W 10 5000 2.5 120 40 0~40
Lengthened J20-C2 400W 20 240 80
SKR-17 170 Standard J35-C1 400W 22 5000 2.5 240 80 0~40
Lengthened J35-C2 750W 44 480 160
SKR-22 220 Standard J50-C1 750W 60 4000 2.5 840 280 0~40
Lengthened J50-C2 1.3KW 120 1680 560


SKR12 -C1 -S600 S P C4 1
Nodel No. Coil Spec Effective Stroke Encoder Driver Sensor options Slider
  J10-C1 100W   R: 1/5μm Grating ruler P: Panasonic C1: Grating ruler 1: Quantity of slider
  J10-C2 200W   S: 1/5μm SIKO T: Dalta C4: Sensor  
        S: Servotronix    




Model number: SKR-12-C1-S600

SKR-12, Iron-core Linear Servo Motor
Category: Iron-core Linear servo Motor




- If you are using an X-axis from a length of 800mm, we recommend the use of two spindles on the Y-axis.    

More information:

Packing: each waterproofed pe bag and color box or mail box, plywood box outside.



Brand: BL Linear
Item Number: SKR-12-C1-S600
Shipping weight:  9.8 Kg
Product weight:  9.8 Kg